“Nope Never Seen It!”: Moonlight

This review will contain mild spoilers. I have to admit I avoided watching Moonlight since it came out. It’s not that I didn’t want to see it. The coming of age film written and directed by Barry Jenkins received a ton of hype from both film critics and fans since its 2016 premiere, and that has overwhelmed me ever since. Out of all the films … Continue reading “Nope Never Seen It!”: Moonlight

“Nope Never Seen It!”: The Star Wars Sequel Trilogy

At the end of my original trilogy review, I wrote that I considered myself more of a Trekkie because I claimed to not be into these “war movies”. It’s been almost a year and I have yet to watch Star Trek. Over the past several months, I gained an unexpected appreciation for Star Wars. It reignited my love for Carrie Fisher, who I already adored … Continue reading “Nope Never Seen It!”: The Star Wars Sequel Trilogy

Letting Go of Lindsay Ellis

(This essay will discuss racism, violent hate crimes, and sexual assault. Viewer discretion is advised.) So this is a little different from my usual content, as I write about movies and the occasional tv show. I just couldn’t help but investigate some Twitter drama, especially since it concerns someone influenced how I look at those subjects in the first place. Lindsay Ellis is a Youtuber … Continue reading Letting Go of Lindsay Ellis

My Hot, Spoiler-Heavy Takes on WandaVision

When I realized that there wasn’t going to be a new episode of WandaVision this week, it hit me like a slightly-too-cool breeze on my neck. I couldn’t be too bummed though, as the discourse never stopped for a second. WandaVision aired its series finale on Disney Plus last Friday and it received a positively mixed response. It took me a while to figure out … Continue reading My Hot, Spoiler-Heavy Takes on WandaVision

The Magic of WandaVision (No Finale Spoilers)

To me, WandaVision is the only TV show that matters. For the first time in a while, viewers are consistently showing their love of a TV show for longer than a week. Though there are shows on streaming services that do get talked about often, such as The Mandalorian, The Queen’s Gambit, and Bridgerton, Disney Plus’s WandaVision, directed by Matt Shakman, maintained its cultural relevance … Continue reading The Magic of WandaVision (No Finale Spoilers)

Brandy’s “Cinderella” Deserves Her Flowers

If I were to call any film “underrated”, it’d be the 1997 version of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella. Though the film broke records in viewership of the original broadcast and home video sales, the film which starred Brandy as Cinderella and the late Whitney Houston as her Fairy Godmother flew under the radar during the majority of its existence. When Disney revealed its catalog in … Continue reading Brandy’s “Cinderella” Deserves Her Flowers

Why Did I Watch WandaVision? (Spoiler-Free)

I’m not into Marvel movies. Every single time I saw one, it was solely because a friend of mine wanted to see them with me. I went to these trips to the dearly departed discount theater (R.I.P. Simi Valley 10 Cinemas) with relative interest, depending on what was being viewed. Captain America: The First Avenger? A decent popcorn flick. The Guardians of the Galaxy movies? … Continue reading Why Did I Watch WandaVision? (Spoiler-Free)

“Nope, Never Seen It!”: Elf

This is complicated. To say that I’ve never seen Elf before isn’t exactly true. I’ve seen it plenty of times. My sister put it on when it premiered on cable.  I’d occasionally catch it while flipping channels. I even had it on the display TV at my work (without sound, of course).  Despite these encounters during its seventeen years of existence, I’ve never actually sat … Continue reading “Nope, Never Seen It!”: Elf

“Nope, Never Seen It!”: Spaceballs

When a mysterious assailant shockingly attacked a male celebrity last week, people across the country expressed not just their outrage but also the great amount of respect they held towards that celebrity. Of course, I’m talking about the incident surrounding Canadian actor Rick Moranis. Though this incident would’ve been horrific if it happened to any other person, the fact that it happened to a beloved … Continue reading “Nope, Never Seen It!”: Spaceballs

The ‘Cuties’ controversy is a failure of empathy

It’s an understatement to say that people across the country have strong feelings towards the film Cuties.  Though the film received critical acclaim at Sundance in January (then under its original title Mignonnes), countless Americans were outraged when its international poster and trailer depicting scantily clad eleven-year-olds twerking released in August along with its release in early September. From Twitter to The View to Change.org, … Continue reading The ‘Cuties’ controversy is a failure of empathy